Anti snoring

Anti snoring devices

We can provide several options for anti snoring devices  ranging from plastic to metal oral devices.
Oral devices are acknowledged by experts to be one of the most effective treatments for snoring and sleep apnoea.
One of the devices we can provide is by a company called  Somnowell. Somnowell have developed a truly comfortable and effective lifetime solution based on this proven treatment option. If you suffer from snoring, sleep apnoea, TMJ, or bruxism, the Somnowell range could be the answer.

- The Somnowell is the first oral device of its type made from chrome cobalt alloy, and is widely regarded as the Rolls Royce of oral devices. The Somnowell was invented by a highly respected Consultant and Specialist Orthodontist, who has successfully treated royalty,  celebrities, and many medical professionals.

 - The Somnowell is the culmination of over 15 years research and development. In a recent study 98% of patients reported the Somnowell device as being a success.

Learn about the amazing Somnowell today by booking in a consultation with Dr Uma Madhav