Gail Constant compliments the service we offer here at Kempston Dental Practice as our hygienist. Gail will advise you on techiques to help you maintain a healthy mouth, with guidence on tooth brushing and flossing.

'A few words from Gail...'
It is my pleasure to work as the Dental Hygienist at Kempston Dental Practice where I’ve been since January 2008. My main professional interest is in promoting good oral health with an emphasis on preventing tooth decay and gum disease.
I qualified as a dental hygienist in the USA in 1976 and have mostly worked in general dental practices in four countries using three different languages during these past 39 years. Places where I have practiced my profession have included the USA, the Congo, Sweden and the UK.

Besides the clinical work, I had the privilege of mentoring newly qualified dental hygienists as well as dental hygiene students. I was also asked to hold Continuing Professional Development (CPD) sessions for dental hygienists, including lecturing to a group of Japanese dental hygiene students who were visiting Stockholm during their training. After finishing a degree in Stockholm, I was asked to work with a research team which stimulated an interest in always striving to work “evidence based”.

On the private side of life, I enjoy walking, cycling and traveling and have an emerging interest in gardening. Many of our patients have been very encouraging, helping me with ideas, gardening magazines and have even given me cuttings from their own gardens. Soon I will have a greenhouse in the back garden where I hope to potter and learn even more.