Samantha Holly GDC 4539

SamSam qualified at Guys Dental Hospital in London in 1993. She was presented with the prestigious Oral B award for the "most dedicated Dental Hygienist" in her year. In the last 24 years her career has enabled her to live and work in some beautiful places like Cornwall and Ireland.

In her spare time, she loves to keep fit and enjoys Spin and Pilates classes. Her recent passion though is Ballet where she has 2 classes each week . She enjoys taking part in a nerve racking but exhilarating ballet shows.

Sam is available on Wednesday mornings and Friday all day.

Her Motto in life is "Always see the glass half full".

Kimberley Clapham GDC 238335

KimShe began working in Dentistry as a Dental Nurse for 4 years. She realised that she wanted to become more hands on and loved interacting with patients. She therefore decided to take the bold step and trained for two years as a Dental Hygienist at the University of Essex. During her second year, she was studied and researched the connection between oral health and Dementia. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with my family, keeping fit and planning adventures! She loves shopping but is fearful of Birds.

Kim is available Tuesday all day and a Wednesday afternoon.


Grace Anderson GDC 259409

Grace Grace has recenlty relocted to Cambridge.